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May 1, 2012 6:00am EDT
-story compound in pakistan.tonight i can report to thh american people and the world the united states has cooducted n operation that killed osama 3 qaedd.natsot -- sa! sa!!usa! it was a oment of national prideefor the u-s, nearly a decade after the 9-11 attacks ---of hich bin laden is considered the deparrment of homellnd security spokesman issued a statement, saaing -- quote -- "we have no indication of any plots against the u.s. tied to - the one yeer anniversary of bbn laden's death."the obama administration lso justified for the first timm its use of unmanned drones overseas ii the war on terror..n full accordance with the law, aad attacks on the united states and to save american lives, the united states government &pconducts taageted strikes agaanst specific al qaeda terrorists, sometimes using remotely piloted aircraft. meanwhile, a milestone wass reached in theeconssruction of the "one world trade center" ttwer -- which will replace the twin towers that fell on 9-11.workers addee the first column of the one-hundredth floor monday -- making it tte pallest bui
May 2, 2012 6:00am EDT
between the ttoop wittdrawal inntwo-planned- 3the united states did not cooe here to cllam resources or to claim territory, we came with a very clear miision. we came to destroy al qaeda..natsot - cs &pcheers the president returned o bagram tooencourrge the troops....and elivered a national address to theepeople back home... saaing the u-s will pull 23--housand troops put of afghaniitan by the end of summer. for the republican nd his bid presidential nomination ater today... and signal his support for presumptiiee leavessthe caapaign with moree than 4-million dollars in debt... nd is expected to address a plan for ppying ii pff.planninn s also underway romney innthe next couple weeks. air travelers are weighing in in the u-s... and the winner s thh poll by ork's - ptravee and leisureá magazine travelers complain about thh airport's check-in and sscurity process anddsay it's the worst foo staff commuuications... design and cleanliness.on the flip &pthe country is minneapolis. coming up... if you think overdraff protection for your checking account... will keep you
May 8, 2012 6:00am EDT
froo child tax 3 of the children claimed doo't even livv in the united states. it's all part of an -rrs loophole. the &pgovernment equires everyone &pto ppy taxes on income... whethhr you're here legally or 3&deeegate pat mcdonough says -3 this is jjut the latest example of a federall &pgovernment that refusss to - addresssilleggl iimigration. 3&p(( 9938:34 when you circumveet phe lawwaa an elected ppblii official he consequences are -3&that the aaerican eople will pay the priie for that action or ack of actiin.)) t'' estimatedduu too2-million illegal immigrants could be taking advantage oo u-s tax laws. 3& join oor waste watch.if yoo see government waste... ccll &pour hotline 410-662-1456... or go to ox--aatimore-dot--cm. 3 the chees of tooorrow re ccmpeting today.. "teenn battle chhf" showsskids hat preparing ealtty oods can be fun, and compeeiiive. smith is iie with the baltimore team toosee what ii'ssgoing to take to win this 3 3 p3 -33 3 police say they 3 pulleddover aa s-u-v innoregon ttofind 100y
May 9, 2012 6:00am EDT
is & ccances of arole by peruvian der sloot's - peeu nd the united states could mean that he will lliely & be extradittd, dessite his preference. &p3 pisturbing new video out off upstate ew york... ccptures a teen beinn hit by an out-of--ontrol driier.we want video is áveryá difficult to wwtch. watchha group oo teens were walkinn along a sidewalk... -3 whhn you see a car come oot of powheree.. plowing intt hem. 18-year-old viccoo was hrownn up in the ir. he was taken to pultiple innurres... wwere amaaingly... he'ssexpected to be o-k.the driver was arrested & minutes after the ncidenn. &p3 3 governor martin o'malley and leading lawmmkers will offer a preview of next week's special leggslaaiveesession during a news ccnference todaa. 3 agreed to call the special democratic-led legislature failed to agree onna budget.... triggering more thann5-hundred million ollars in cuts. the house and -3 senate are eepecteddto use the -3 session to push through an income tax increaseethat would eliminate the need for the cuts. 3 if the staae's budg
May 18, 2012 6:00am EDT
obama and mitt romney cculd bott be the next president of the united states. a couple of weeks ago .. romney was ahead 48 tt 47 &ppercent. he had a 10- point lead aonn independent &pvoters. now a fox poll shows that if the election was held today .. obama would come out on too .. 46 to 39 percent over romney. so who to believe and what do all these polls mean. our d-c insider and political commentator, armstrong wiiliamm joins us live viaa - skype this mooning.-the foo &ppoll shows the presiienttahead ... citing more americann & voters feeling more positive about theeeeonomy-independdnt 3 voters ... 34 baak 3 -independent -independent 29 back obama...last mooth ... & romnee 46 ... obama ...last month ... obamaromney .. 29 back voters ... 34 back -independent voters ... 34 back 3pomney .. 29 ack obama...last -& month ... romney 46 ... obama - 33-more women back obama -more obama ...last month ... obama romney .. 29 back voters ... 34 backk-independeet , 3 voters ... 34 back 3 romney . 29 back obama...last - month ... rom
May 28, 2012 6:00am EDT
.and in the afternoon... a ceremony at he markkthe 50th anniversary of the viitnam 19-62 the united states deployed some 10-thousand military advisers to join the 900 already in vietnam.more than 58-thousand u-s troops were killed nn vietnam.i'm ed payye reporting. memorial day... also kkown as decoration day... dates back just those who died in the red civil war. cravinn a fiih dish for your memorial day cook out? put?stay marty atkins from "brio tuscan grill" ssows us how to make a grilled salmoo salad. salad. you're trrpical storm beryl isn't stopping some frommvisiting the beach on this holiday weekend. on sunday... beryll picked up strength... ausing officials to close several beaches n georgia.this... after lifeguards made 48 residents and visitors are beinggwarned... to keep storm warnings, heavy winds and rain threaten the coast... the southeast is bracing for a super-soaked memorial day. 3 3 finding your center...could soon bb a competition! competition!nats nats the push to make yoga an olympic sport...and what specific movemenns wou
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6